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Mortgage Calculator

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Mortgage Calculator Help

North County Savings Bank mortgage calculator helps determine your total monthly mortgage payment, inclusive of principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. The payment amount is based on the value of the home, with the calculator setting default values for property taxes, home insurance, mortgage insurance (PMI), and other details. You are able to adjust these details to reflect your situation and get a more accurate monthly payment estimate.

Principal and Interest - Your mortgage principal is the total amount you've borrowed from a lender to buy a home. Interest is the fee lenders charge you for borrowing their money; usually, an annual percentage rate.

Down Payment - This is the amount of money you will put towards a down payment on the house. Make sure you still have cash left over after the down payment to cover unexpected repairs or financial emergencies.

Interest Rate - This is the interest rate for the loan you will receive. Call (618) 282-3939 to find out more about our current rates.

Loan Term - This is the length of time you choose to pay off your loan (e.g., 30 years, 20 years, 15 years, etc.)